Triarchy (9th Meridian Records)


 Having recently reviewed Picture Ann last EP “Cinema Screen Sadist” and being very familiar with Svest’s diverse musical projects, it’s a pleasure to me to review this assorted musical compendium entitled “Triarchy”, this split album contains previously unreleased material from Picture Ann, Sagntid and Vornoff, all these solo projects from this Danish musician. Each one of these projects deliver at this album its unique form of Ambient music, from the most eclectic and strangely “vibrant” sound of Picture Ann, with its subtle inclusion of ghostly guitars and vocals, to the intuitive and obscurer sound of Sagntid to finally close with the most straight and simple Dark Ambient music of Vornoff. This compilation perfectly reflects what makes each one of these projects unique, for those who have followed the prolific career of Svest all these years, this album seems to be an interesting register as well, where you can easily appreciate and contrast each one of these projects’ characteristics, allowing you to get even deeper into the obscure and hypnotically beauty of these different approaches to Dark Ambient… Overall “Triarchy” is an interesting album, recommended to everyone into the most mysterious and obscure side of Ambient music, call it Dark, Black or whatever you like, those who wants to listen an extensive sample of each one of this projects will find at this album a remarkable experience, but I would special recommend this album to those who have listened and enjoyed the music of Svest during these more than ten years of career, this album will not disappoint you… (AP)