Bloody Promfet (Cvlminis)


 Pontefractum Melancholium is the reincarnation of a psychopathic Black Metal band called Lobotomy I had the luck to review last year, in that occasion I was completely amazed by the incredibly devastating Black Metal this one man band played at this apocalyptic album entitled “Death”… After a demo and three full length albums, Doctor, the insane mastermind behind this project, decided to change the band’s name from Lobotomy to a more complicated but undoubtedly more mysterious name… “Bloody Pomfret” is the second release under the name of Pontefractum Melancholium, being the first one, a demo entitled “Anti”, released in 2012… Musically the band continues with the diabolic proposal created with Lobotomy, this time with seven tracks clocked at 17 minutes of chaotic, noisy and Satanic Black Metal; the whole EP is based over painfully noisy atmospheres, where the saturated and cyclic riffs are definitely the main responsible for this incredible chaos, the drumming here is simple, straight and unmerciful, which combined with some intense reverberant sound contributes here with an inhuman industrial sound while the vocal work of Doctor consists in possessed, demented and tortured screams, just as we appreciated in its early work with the band’s previous incarnation… As you probably expected, the production here is very dirty and intentionally saturated in order to create an impure aura of chaos and devastation, achieving some remarkable results. Overall “Bloody Pomfret” is a devastating and satanic piece of Black Metal, that even when does not sounds precisely within the parameters of the Traditional Black Metal, certainly encloses the corrupted and chaotic spirit of True Black Metal… If you’re into clear sounding, carefully composed or melodic Black Metal, stay away from this release, but if you enjoy the infernal sound of works such Havohej’s “Kembatinan Premaster”, you will certainly love this ultra-chaotic and noisy piece of Black Metal art… (AP)