Cinema Screen Sadist (Self Released)


 Picture Ann is another project from the versatile Danish musician Jens Nepper, better known as Svest, or simply J.N. from diverse acts such Sagntid, Forlis, Sick Room 7 and Vornoff … This time Svest, delivers with Picture Ann two tracks of atmospheric and introspective music, the opening composition of this EP is “Film Widow”, this ethereal piece is based over cosmic keyboard atmospheres, complemented by a cyclic and subtle guitar work, while some almost imperceptible drums and a mysterious whispering vocal work delivers the most “tangible” elements of this ghostly composition, the structures are simple, cyclic and intuitive creating a very organic and deep piece of music… The second and final track “Gasmask Ballet” is, as the name may imply, a thicker and darker composition, featuring some obscure and somewhat dirty harsh metallic riffs as a complement to the overall atmospheric music, the atmosphere created at “Film Widow” seems to evolve into a somber aura on this track, but maintains the whole veil of mystery, introspection and unexplainable beauty that characterize this EP… “Cinema Screen Sadism” is clocked at just eight minutes, a very short sample of this project’s proposal that definitely leave you asking for more, with this project, combining different elements of diverse styles of Ambient and Metal, Svest have created another magnificent form of expression, as with every band of him the music of Picture Ann is very original and quite unclassifiable, an introspective piece of sonic art that will certainly delight everyone into the otherworldly sound of Sagntid or any of Svest’s projects… By the way, “Cinema Screen Sadism” will be soon released under 9th Meridian Records as part of a Sagntid/Picture Ann/Vornoff split CD, which will feature mostly unreleased material from these enigmatic bands… so be aware… (AP)