Ominous (Self Released)


 Bizarre and obscure Metal with a plethora of Industrial, Death, Sludge, Doom and even Black Metal influences is what this Australian quartet, formed back in 2008, delivers at this first full length album and second release overall. “Ominous” consists in 14 tracks clocked at 39 minutes of crushing and devastating music, where saturated and hypnotic sludge-laden riffs in conjunction with a simple, triggered drumming creates mechanized and inhuman atmospheres of corrosive obscurity, while also saturated bass lines deliver a deep, somewhat reverberant sound… the vocal work here consist in distorted and malicious mid tone growls, which enormously contribute with the extreme sound and heaviness of this record. Chud features Whiskey Jones on guitars, who’s also the guitar player of The Devilz Work, this “kinship” seems to be specially reflected at the most doomish passages of this album, where the crawling sound of Doom Metal is accurately mixed with Industrial elements and narcotic Sludge-inspired riffs, resulting in this unusual but solid style, but as I’ve mentioned above, the band includes several influences in its music besides of the Industial/Doom Metal ones, you can find strong traces of bands like Strapping Young Lad at some of the more up-tempo passages,  while some minor, yet relevant influences of bands such Sepultura, Eye Hate God and even Brujeria can also be found along the almost 40 minutes this album lasts… Overall “Ominous” is a rock-solid, obscure and intensely heavy record; I would definitely recommend this album for everyone who might enjoy this interesting set of styles blended up in order to create original, corrosive and heavy as hell music. If you enjoy the eclectic and brutal music, there’s no way you can be disappointed by this extreme record… (AP)